10 Mindsets for Overcoming Tough Times

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“Your thoughts and your feelings create your life. It will always be that way. Guarantee!” – Lisa Nichols

I believe that addressing your mindset is one of the key components to optimizing your mental self-care. Life experiences are filtered through your mindset, which gives them a perspective and interpretation. Your belief depends on what kind of thoughts are repeated and how much you identify with that belief.

Maybe this all seems overwhelming and you just want an answer fast!

The journey will be worth it and even better sustainable if you explore and observe your mindset consciously and then appreciate the journey from there. You see, this isn’t about a destination, it’s about how you approach the day-to-day tasks on a day-to-day basis to make the most of it. 

Your actions and efforts today will determine the results you will get tomorrow!

Here are ten mindsets for proper mental selfcare so you can live in the moment with a peaceful mindset. If you’re wondering how to achieve that, practice these ten mindsets:

1) Release attachments

Whenever we attach ourselves to anything (experiences, people, or things), we are blocking the natural flow of life. In order to embrace new and better things in our life, we must learn to detach ourselves from what we are attached to, whether it is comfort or fear. You can practice a new mindset by learning to either accept or enjoy the current moment to its fullest, knowing that the only thing permanent in life is change.

2) Make the most of where you are and what you have

Right now, you have the opportunity to act and make changes as you desire. It may sound ideal to wait for the perfect moment or circumstance, but it’s not realistic. As a Virgo, my lesson has been to embrace imperfection as a part of life. Every second of your life gives you the opportunity to choose, accomplish, or work toward your goals. Doing and taking action, however small they may seem, will make a difference is just one step closer to your desired outcome.

3) Trust that you are where you need to be.

There is always something you can learn from every situation in life. The only thing you have to do is pay more attention and observe, rather than judging or imposing your ways. As you go through life experiences, you are being shaped and upgraded for something better and more fulfilling. By embracing the moment, letting go of your ways, and not resisting what is, you will minimize suffering, discover your lesson, and move forward with a peaceful state of mind into the next phase of your life.

4) There is always a lesson, no matter what the circumstance, to help us grow and evolve

Let every life experience help you become a better person, an upgraded version of yourself! Every situation teaches you to practice trust, respect, kindness, love, non-judgment, compassion, consideration, etc. Reflect on past situations and how your actions helped or exacerbated them; and based on those observations, make sure you change your actions in the future in a way that is more genuine and loving.

5) Struggles work for you, not against you

Struggles are like stop signs on the road. The struggle arises from a place of resistance to what is. Every struggle calls for a space to look inward and invite introspection – meditate – to recognize and face our deepest fears, insecurities, self-doubts, complexes, etc. and to recognize that we are not perfect humans. Next, it is to acknowledge and accept such struggles without judgment (sprinkling self-compassion and self-kindness too!) and use it to get to know you better and all the different layers of yourself, as you begin to acknowledge your desires and priorities, and ultimately shape and move on with your life in alignment with your core values.

6) Less is more

The belief that having more of something will lead to a happier state of mind is an illusion. You can easily fall into a trap that will leave you feeling constantly unsatisfied and empty due to the need for the Ego to feed the mindset of scarcity, avoid a trauma that has not yet been healed, or seek external validation of your self-worth. Maintain a daily gratitude practice as gratitude enables us to accept and appreciate what we currently have. Meditate with the mantra “I’m Enough” to reset your subconscious! Less gives you more time with your loved ones, less gives you less worry and stress, less is more because it embraces simplicity and fluidity of energy. Simplicity has an infinite beauty!

7) Let go of expectations

There is nothing wrong with setting goals and dreams, but imposing your exact ideas on how and when they should unfold is what creates all the unnecessary suffering. By living in the moment, you can identify opportunities presented by life, those that are aligned with your desires. Ultimately, you must trust that there is something bigger than you that will always guide you and look out for you, and that will help you achieve your dreams in infinite ways.

8) Accept what is and let go of resistance to change

Humans tend to view changes in such a negative light, but in reality, changes are natural, they are part of life. Nothing remains the same forever. The purpose of change is to help us grow, transform, evolve, transcend, and move on, to keep us balanced, to encourage us to continue living life to the fullest. As hard as changes can be sometimes, especially the unexpected ones, embrace them as if you had chosen them. Your perspective will change and your horizon will be expanded so that you will see all the personal growth and inherently good that comes with change.

9) Open your heart and trust there is reason for everything

As you grow older and life experiences leave deep marks on your hearts, you may start losing faith in beauty and magic. Keeping your heart closed can lead to a very sad and depressing way of living. It is similar to number 5 above. The more you live life to the fullest and learn from your past experiences, the more grateful you should be for things and the more willing you should be to pour your love and light into any situation you face. A higher purpose always lies behind everything, even when it doesn’t make sense at the moment. It will eventually. In the meantime, enjoy the ride with love as you gather wisdom from your life experiences!

10) Stop complaining. Focus on the positive!

With so much going on in the world today, it’s easy to get caught in a negative mindset; even if you try to avoid it, it’s everywhere, the news, the people complaining, the misfortunes, etc. Fortunately, like everything in life, you can choose to connect and to plug into positivity (and unplug from negativity). 

The choices are endless when it comes to developing habits that facilitate positive thinking, such as gratitude, surrounding yourself with positive people who empower you and laugh with you, reading positive and inspirational books and listening to positive podcasts. 

By choosing positivity and surrendering to the flow of life, my life changed for the better and because of this choice, I feel calmer, peaceful, and happier than I have ever been before, just by adopting a positive mindset and lifestyle. The power is yours too, so use it wisely!

In my opinion, these 10 mindsets can and will dramatically alter the way you perceive, experience, and interact with your own life, especially during the rough times. Our goal as humans is to learn and grow every second, so that we can become upgraded versions of ourselves. Each of us has the power to decide how we will react to life’s situations. Instead of reacting, let’s observe, because we are the authors, not the victims. Introspection can help us extract wisdom and good from our experiences.  

As spiritual beings, we should learn from every situation, good or bad, as they are all part of our life journey.

Taking steps to enhance your mindset is the key to creating a satisfying lifestyle. Schedule your complimentary call today to get the guidance you need. I appreciate you reading this article and sharing it with others!



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